Cuts and Scrapes Balm
Cuts and Scrapes Balm callendula
Cuts and Scrapes Balm natural
Cuts and Scrapes Balm organic

Cuts and Scrapes Balm

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 I made this for my children when they were little. It doesn't sting, it's in a handy size, is very silky smooth and easy to apply and it works so well. You know by the rich texture and comforting smell it is doing good.  Apply to areas of skin abrasion to help soothe & mend cuts & scrapes
Pure ingredients; Sunflower oil ( Helianthus annuus ), Unrefined Bees wax
( Cera alba ), Avocado oil ( Persea gratissima ), Jojoba oil ( Simmondsia chinensis )Wheat germ oil (Triticum gestivum ), Calendula oil ( Calendula officinalis ) St Johns wort oil ( Hypericum perforatum ), Pure Honey,Essential oils of; Lavender ( Lavandular angustifolia ), Myrrh ( Myrtus communis ), Marjoram( Organum marjorana ), Clary sage ( Salvia scarea ), German chamomile
( Matricaria chamomilla ), Tea Tree ( Melaleuca alternifolia).
Caution; Test a small amount on skin before full use.
No Alcohol No chemical No water
Not tested on Animals only family and friends