About us

A family owned and operated business established in 1994.

A natural skin care therapist since 1994, Phillip Adams treated many difficult skin conditions in his centers in Sydney, Australia. In his practice, he found that many of his clients’ skin conditions were caused by: over-exposure to the elements; chemicals in everyday use products; and, busy schedules that left little time for taking care of oneself.

Applying all-natural remedies to these conditions, his clients began achieving amazing results – soothing, replenishing, reversing symptoms and nurturing their skin. After a few treatments, even the most challenging of skin types were improved with healthy, glowing complexions.

Soon his clients were asking for products they could use between treatments at his clinics, and so he pioneered, a line of all-natural skin therapies for hands, face, lips and skin. The basis of all his products are that they are free from any chemicals, alcohol and water only pure natural products that provide amazing results in as little as only one minute a day.

Today, Phillip Adams and his family continues to hand make and pioneer innovative all-natural skin treatments. He blends the best of essential oils and pure natural ingredients from Australian into a rich product range for hands, face, lips and skin that are a sensorial escape from the ordinary.

Each product has been created with integrity and years of experience to heal, enhance and rejuvenate your skin and lift your spirits with their Australian, fresh, wholesome scents of nature.  

"I have developed our 100% Pure and Natural products as a result of the individual needs of my family, friends and patients.

Originally starting out as a massage practitioner I was able to help my client with their individual skin needs and developed products to match. A thriving natural therapy practice soon developed which then evolved into the opening of ground breaking Natural therapy centres in Sydney Australia.

My products have No Alcohol, No chemicals and No water only pure natural ingredients and have a proven demand from Australia and all over the world. Our commitment is for a wholesome body care range that is truly good for you.

Experience the difference of our truly wholesome body care range."


   Phillip Adams, natural skin care therapist